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When you visit the movie theater’s website to pick your movie, showtime, and seat, you’ll see an option to reserve a parking space through ParkVIP. Simply select this option during your booking process, and ParkVIP will automatically assign the best available parking space for you.

After you reserve your parking space, ParkVIP will send you an email and a text message. Both will contain a unique URL linking to a webpage with all your parking session details, including your space number and duration.

Your reserved ParkVIP parking space will be available 15 minutes before your reservation time, ensuring you have sufficient time before your movie start. To facilitate a smooth entry into your parking spot:

  • Visibility of the “Let Me In” Button: The “Let Me In” button in the app will only become visible when your parking space is ready for you. This is designed to prevent any confusion about when to access your spot.

This process ensures that you have a seamless and convenient parking experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying your movie outing without worrying about parking logistics.

Your ParkVIP reservation provides a specific window of time to access your parking space, ensuring flexibility around your scheduled reservation. You can access your reserved parking space starting 15 minutes before your reservation time and up until 45 minutes after your reservation time. This one-hour window is designed to accommodate slight variations in your arrival time, giving you the convenience to park even if you’re running a bit early or late.

No-Show Policy: If you do not access your parking space within this time window, your reservation will be marked as a no-show. This policy helps us manage parking space availability efficiently and serve all our users effectively. To avoid being marked as a no-show and potential impacts on your ability to make future reservations, please ensure to access your space within the designated window.

The 1 minute and 30-second window provided to access your parking space after clicking the “Let Me In” button is carefully designed with two key objectives in mind:

  1. Prevent Accidental Session Activation: This timeframe is set to avoid the scenario where a session might be accidentally started when you are still a few minutes away from your parking space. It ensures that you are physically present and ready to park, minimizing the chance of unintentionally activating your session early.
  2. Protect Your Reserved Space: This rule also helps in safeguarding your reserved parking spot against being accessed by another user. By requiring that you’re in immediate proximity to your space before starting the session, it ensures that your spot remains secure and available for you upon arrival.

By planning your arrival within this timeframe, you can enjoy a stress-free parking experience, knowing that your spot is reserved and waiting for you.

Before clicking the “Let Me In” button to access your ParkVIP reserved parking space, please ensure the following for a smooth parking experience:

Immediate Proximity: Only click the “Let Me In” button when you are in front of your identified parking space. This ensures that you are ready to immediately move into the space.

Parking Time Limit: After clicking the “Let Me In” button, you have 1 minute and 30 seconds to park your vehicle before the session is marked as a no-show. This time frame is designed to maintain efficient use of parking spaces and ensure availability for all our users.

By adhering to these guidelines, you help us provide a seamless parking experience for yourself and fellow ParkVIP users. Please be prepared to park promptly to avoid being marked as a no-show.

No, there’s no need to download the ParkVIP app if you reserve your parking space through the movie theater’s website. All necessary information and controls to access your parking spot will be provided via the unique URL sent to you.

Upon arriving at your parking space, open the unique URL from your text message or email. This will take you to a webpage displaying your parking details. From there, click the “Let Me In” button on the webpage to trigger the session and lower the parking lock arm, allowing you to park.

When your movie is over and you’re ready to leave, simply drive off. The ParkVIP system works just like it does for app users: the sensor detects when your car leaves, raises the arm to secure the spot, and ends your parking session.
If you encounter any issues with the parking lock, please use the in-app support feature to contact our customer service team for immediate assistance.
Your parking duration is automatically set to accommodate some time before and after your movie showtime.
While our parking locks accommodate a wide range of vehicles, we advise contacting our customer support through the ParkVIP app if you have an oversized vehicle or special requirements. We’re here to help ensure your parking experience is seamless.

Yes, motorcycles can use any ParkVIP spot. Our parking locks are designed to accommodate both cars and motorcycles, ensuring a secure parking experience for all users.

When creating your ParkVIP account, look for a checkbox that mentions you are on a motorcycle. This option is also available in the Profile section of the app if you need to update it later. Checking this box tailors the ParkVIP experience for motorcycle parking.

Motorcycle users must manually end their parking session. After parking, you’ll use the ParkVIP app to raise the parking lock arm when you’re ready to leave. Simply press the “Let Me Out” button in the app to end your session and stop the billing.

Your feedback is valuable to us. Please use the feedback option in our app or contact our customer support through our website to report any issues or provide suggestions. We’re committed to continuously improving our services.