1. Purchase ParkVIP

2. Get SMS and Email

3. Locate Your Space

4. Entering the Space

6. Leave when ready


When will my spot be ready?

Your ParkVIP Spot will become available 15 minutes before your RSVP time.  Your spot is held for you up to 45 minutes past your RSVP time.

How is the cost calculated?

We calculate the cost based on our hourly fee and depending on the length of your movie.  We make sure to give you enough time to park before your movie starts.

Parking Space Malfunction, now what?

Ahh, we hate those and are constantly improving.  Sometimes technology gets sick and we have to send a doctor out to bring it back to life.

You will be promptly refunded your ParkVIP fees.

Will the lock damage my car?

In over 1000s of session, we are proud to say that no cars were harmed in the making of ParkVIP.  Even if the arm malfunctions, the motor has just enough power to bring the arm up and stop.  Also, we have sensors to avoid such issues.

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