Company Overview
Transforming Urban Parking
ParkVIP emerged from the chaos of city traffic and the all-too-familiar struggle of finding a parking space in bustling metropolises like New York, LA, Houston, and Miami. Founded by Omar Khan and Kevin Gorinshteyn, the company embraces a forward-thinking approach. “Start in the future and work backward,” Kevin says, “Complex solutions are often rooted in simple, out-of-the-box thinking.” ParkVIP’s innovative use of existing technology is set to revolutionize parking and customer convenience.
Pioneering Innovation

In 2020, Omar and Kevin laid the foundation for ParkVIP, focusing on R&D to reinvent parking solutions for a modern, eco-conscious world. Utilizing solar power and robust environmental robotics, ParkVIP transitioned from concept to production, now scaling across the United States in 2024.


Redefining Parking

“Our vision is to revolutionize parking, making the search for a spot a relic of the past within the next decade,” says Omar. ParkVIP envisions a future where every vehicle, especially electric ones, finds not just a parking spot but also charging facilities, enhanced Wi-Fi, and seamless connectivity for services like curbside assistance and rideshare.


Mission for Now and the Future

*Current Mission*: “Our immediate mission is to integrate our technology seamlessly across major U.S. cities, enhancing every aspect of urban parking.”

*Future Aspirations*: “As we achieve nationwide rollout, our goal evolves to establish ParkVIP as a keystone in urban mobility, offering not just parking solutions but a comprehensive ecosystem connecting retailers, service providers, and customers in an unprecedented way.”